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Label: clu clux clam

Music for Faking by Maja S.K. Ratkje / Lasse Marhaug CD: $10.00

Maja S.K. Ratkje / Lasse Marhaug: Music for Faking

clu clux clam

The cover of Music For Faking pictures two grinning faces, illustrating the playful atmosphere of the collaboration between Ratkje and Marhaug. Alt...

Fantail by Merzbow

Merzbow: Fantail

clu clux clam

Fantastic album, reminiscent of 'Merzzow' or 'Puroland'. Track Listing: I: Clouds 7:06 II: Catapillar 10:32 III: Mountain 3:33 V: Waterfall 4:22 I...

Yoshinotsune by Merzbow

Merzbow: Yoshinotsune

clu clux clam

A great release. Wildly rhythmic, the album consists of three brilliant tracks, by turns soothing and unsettling.

Gordon Monahan: Piano Mechanics / Speaker Swinging

clu clux clam

This release is the first of three discs that C3R is slated to release by Gordon Monahan, and represents his first release in fourteen years. This ...

Jesse Stewart: Music for Found Objects

clu clux clam

This release is Jesse Stewart’s first solo album, and demonstrates his phenomenal skills as a percussionist over an assortment of unconventional...

Shohjohkisshohtan by Tsurubami

Tsurubami: Shohjohkisshohtan

clu clux clam

C3R is proud to release the new album by one of the most comely members of the Acid Mothers Temple extended family of projects. For years now, Tsu...

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