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Label: Erstwhile

Requests and Antisongs by John Butcher/Phil Durrant CD: $14.00

John Butcher/Phil Durrant: Requests and Antisongs


John Butcher and Phil Durrant have both been prominent members of the English improv scene since the mid-eighties, releasing everything from sol...

Aluminium by Dean Roberts/Werner Dafeldecker

Dean Roberts/Werner Dafeldecker: Aluminium


Dean Roberts and Werner Dafeldecker seem unlikely collaborators at first glance. Roberts, who originally hails from New Zealand, began his caree...

Dach by Durrant/Lehn/Malfatti

Durrant/Lehn/Malfatti: Dach


Radu Malfatti has been a major presence in the European free improv scene since the early seventies. He's been a member of such stellar bands as...

The World Turned Upside Down by Keith Rowe/Taku Suigimoto/Gunter Muller

Keith Rowe/Taku Suigimoto/Gunter Muller: The World Turned Upside Down


Keith Rowe and Günter Müller are both prominent members of the European improv circuit. Rowe, who is best known for his groundbreaking work with AM...

Tom and Gerry by Thomas Lehn/Gerry Hemingway

Thomas Lehn/Gerry Hemingway: Tom and Gerry


In June of 1997 Thomas Lehn and Gerry Hemingway came together for a duo tour in Germany that had originally been planned as a quartet with Mats Gus...

Bart by Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler

Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler: Bart


Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler are both well-known electroacoustic musicians from Cologne, but they come from very different backgrounds. Lehn i...

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