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Brighter Death Now: Innerwar


Total electronic abuse for fans of the darkest and most morose music within the industrial underground.

Normal by Brume CD: $17.00

Brume: Normal


Intriguing musique concrete soundscapes which vary from soothing ambience to macabre, startling moments of profound industrial aesthetics, free ...

Life by Dissecting Table CD: $14.00

Dissecting Table: Life


Ichiro Isuji aka Dissecting Table documented 1997-1998. This man is responsible for some of the finest dark industrial ever created. Four tracks...

Human Breeding by Dissecting Table

Dissecting Table: Human Breeding


Perhaps our favorite of the more recent releases by Ichiro Tsuji's Dissecting Table. Excellent collection of dark industrial that would serve as...

Tauromachine by Merzbow

Merzbow: Tauromachine


Akita's fith release for relapse, and the most laid-back of the bunch. Ambient moments can be compared to Space Metalizer & Magnesia Nova.

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