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Nadja / Atavist: Atavist / Nadja II: Points At Infinity

Points at Infinity is the second collaboration between the UK’s most infamous doom/sludge metal band, Atavist, and the most prolific and respected act in experimental/drone/doom/ambient music today, Nadja.

The first collaboration, titled 12012291920/1414101 and released last year through Invada Records (owned by Portishead main songwriter Geoff Barrow), was merely an experiment— one that was actually initiated by Profound Lore Records. This second collaboration presents a sound picture with significantly more substance and depth; while still experimental in nature, Points at Infinity exemplifies growth and expansion by both of these enigmatic bands.

PRAISE FOR 12012291920/1414101:

“This collaboration between the UK’s Atavist and Canadian doom mongers Nadja is a rare old treat. Across two lengthy pieces, the bands square up to deliver a disc’s worth of bottom-heavy sludge and floating drones. Far from being a cold-hearted excursion into dark metal, the resultant pieces are a surprisingly warm blend of distortion, glacial chord changes and nebulous atmospherics. Opening with ‘Twentyfour:Sixteen,’ the collaborators launch themselves into an unexpectedly melodic domain only to soak up more challenging sonic elements as the piece progresses; by about halfway through you’ll hear glistening feedback tones beginning to intrude, and by the time we arrive at the half-hour long second track, ‘Twentynine:Thirtyseven,’ the bands are bathing their sound in oceans of noise and hollowed-out electronic tones with a distinct emphasis placed on the lowest end of the frequency spectrum. By its close, the piece gathers a sub-bass-driven weight that Stephen O’Malley could be proud of, all cloaked in a sense of warmth usually absent from the genre.”

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