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Akitsa: Au Crépuscule De L'espérance

dedicated to imperfection, obsessed by minimalism, fueled by spontaneity, akitsa return after four years with their fourth full length album. brash primitivism, bitter atmosphere and youthful naivety clash together, firing the rawest hate anthems in the akitsa cannon. the most undisputedly cruel faction of raw north american black metal seen thus far.

1 Crématorium 2:42
2 Les Sentinelles 5:02
3 Morsure 3:27
4 Loyauté 5:35
5 Cercueil National 4:47
6 Au Crépuscule De L’espérance 7:31
7 Le Dernier Putsch 6:56
8 Antithèse 2:09
9 Vers La Mort 5:36
10 La Voix Brutale 5:34

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