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Asmus Tietchens: ß-menge

ASMUS TIETCHENS is one of the most interesting representatives of the remote field of atonal music. He has released an abundant number of albums where he plays with the analog and digital, pleasuring
frequencies withtone generators and low pass filters. ß-Menge demonstrates the journey of the tone, the sine tone, transforming and modulating the tone until a complex structure is developed. ASMUS
TIETCHENS music molecularizes sound matter and in doing so becomes capable of forces such as duration and intensity. Music is also structure and like mathematics, music is an expression of intelligence. Music is sound that has different colors. Sound and structure. Minimalism and reduction. ASMUS TIETCHENS makes the sound travel. A quantity is a part of a bigger quantity. The basis of a quantity are analog produced sine tones and it’s modifications into impulses and floatings. The tracks are a result of an investigation of sound material, the repetoire is endless, and the organization of sound follows no rules.

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