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The Beans: Bassplayer

Mitchell Akiyama’s Intr Version label has quietly built itself a masterful catalogue of inspiring, beautifully packaged and always striking releases from artists often unknown to anyone but a selected few. This sublime album from The Beans is actually the band’s 5th full-length (although it’s the first that’s come to our attention) and is quite simply a masterpiece of blissed-out home listening. The band have been recording in Canada since forming in 1995 and have been an integral part of the axis dominated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Do Make Say Think and the constellation imprint ever since. Their sound revolves around a spacious layering of acoustic harmonies and instrumental shards of sound that make for a breathtaking variation on the post rock formula. At times employing familiar Godspeed-inspired conceits, at others sounding like an instrumental Hood, or Tortoise and Jim O’rourke drifting together quietly…or even a slightly less introspective Talk Talk, The Beans employ delicate modifications, backward loops, electronic augmentations and dusty narrations that lift you into a warm place. “Bassplayer” is a gorgeous album, discovering it is one of those rare moments where you feel you’ve stumbled across something new yet oddly familiar, like it was written just for you. A very special album indeed that comes highly recommended.

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