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Nadja: Bliss Torn From Emptiness

Profound Lore’s second collaboration with Nadja comes in the form of the re-vamped, augmented, and altered Bliss Torn From Emptiness. Given the ultimate facelift from its original CDR release, and now expanded into a massive three track plunge (with a mastering job via James Plotkin), Bliss Torn From Emptiness is a sprawling and meticulously crafted epic where controlled ambience and static crawls through a murk of claustrophobic cerebral chaos. Yet through the sprawling mass of overbearing feedback and noise, Bliss Torn From Emptiness, just like Bodycage (and what has been a characteristic within Nadja’s music) also employs a character of pure celestial grace through an elegantly deposited sound picture that brings the cinematic vibe of Nadja to new heights. Almost desperate sounding, yet growing and culminating towards an inevitable climax which shall serve as the final enveloping and suffocating moment in which the listener already becomes cast under an endearing trance that simply overwhelms the psyche. Nonetheless, Bliss Torn From Emptiness is another chapter in the ever growing and expanding Nadja catalogue, one that serves as some of their best work to date.
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