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Désormais: Dead Letters to Lost Friends

Two years on from their rainbow-fractured last album ‘I Am Broken And Remade I Am Broken’, Mitchell Akiyama and Tony Boggs (aka Joshua Treble) are back in their Desormais uniform; cherry picking elements from that past outing, whilst introducing a whole fleet of new sounds and influences. Opening with the sublime ’Hell’n Ohio’, Desormais ferment glitchy breaks with streaming bursts of gorgeous instrumentation to achieve a sound that hints at Constellation; albeit injected with some serious sonic clout. Moving on from this, ‘Walk To The Hotel Alone’ shares a great deal with Hanne Hukkelberg’s ‘Cast Anchor’, fusing water-logged intricacy with a thrumming heart of solipsism, whilst ‘Salt Eyes Fuck Yeah’ is a scalpel symphony for the microscopic generation. Kicking out ideas with an alarming rapidity, other highlights include the organ ruptured ‘One Or Many Wolves’ (with an Arcade Fire beat), the static couched elegance of ‘I Wore Water Wings But The Chlorine Still Stings’ and the Oval-meets-lush instrumentation of ‘If People Could Fly They’d Likely Have Talons’. Gorgeous.

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