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black series 5

Daniel Menche: Deluge and Sunder

Black Series 5 – Ed. of 350 numbered and signed copies. A CD edition of what every D.M. fan considers his finest work to date. Remastered and expanded with a bonus album “Sunder”, a follow up to “Deluge”. Deluge & Sunder is actually a surprising departure from previous explorations by Mr. Menche as the tones are generated by real live instruments (bass guitar, accordion, piano and melodica) as played by a real live Menche. The rumbly counterpoint that so well defines Menche’s sensibilities is still there, but is played against, initially, a searing wall of D sharp that is built from what sounds like an extended bowing (à la Stephen Scott’s monofiliment attacks on piano interiors, but more as if conducted by Dumitrescu). The latter piece is a beautiful and playful exercise with a bellowed instrument. A solid droning G has a conversation with quietly modulated tones above and soft porcine bassy throbs below. Maybe akin to later Nigel Ayers or Soliloquy-era NWW, but the proceedings are distinctively Menchian, and the last piece breaks down so sublimely that the ending begs for repeat listens.

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