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GI Joe Killaz: GI Joe Killaz

“Uggghhh! Turn the radio off! What is that crap? You kids on the block! What the fuck! What happened to music? Sounds like everyone’s either deaf or just stupid! GI Joe Killaz gonna make you know our name, give you something fresh to listen to for a change!”

This is indeed a hip-hop or rather a tech-hop release from the G.I. Joe Killaz, fronted by Destro, the Baroness and Tomas Jirku as the Cobra commander behind the beats. The results are fantastic, a fresh take on hip-hop.

Tomas Jirku has created excellent beats for the recording, drawing heavily from minimal techno, electro and of course hip-hop itself. Combined with the raps of Destro and the Baroness, the G.I. Joe Killaz offer one of the most bizarre hybrids of hip-hop yet. This is not totally removed from the back packers underground movement revolving around the likes of Buck 65, Anti Pop Consortium, Sole etc. but has a much heavier electronic feel that recalls Dr. Octagon more than anybody else.

This self titled release by G.I. Joe Killaz boasts intro’s, skits and 19 tracks of the Cobra team’s scheme to rule the world – at whatever cost! The recording will probably offend some, but is incredibly difficult to take too seriously. Standout tracks include Money to Burn a plan that sees the cobra team replacing the earth’s many currencies with their own cobra money. Eau de Cobra is another gem backed with slow propulsive electro beats about a perfume they have created to brainwash the wealthy into parting with their riches. Snowflakes is a fantastic, driving anthem about tanks, lasers, sex and violence. Who Spilled the Juice is a murder anthem “Who ever spilled the juice, better lace their boots, pack their bags, hit the road because the guns are going to shoot. Go ahead, confess, the result is death, lasers beams at every angle, shot directly to your head”.

Seriously this record is hilarious, but certainly not for everyone. Although we suspect that people that enjoy the likes of Dr. DOOOM, Peaches, Chicks on Speed, Gold Chains and NERD will more than likely get a kick out this release. The few times the project has performed they do it in full costume, reenacting their Cobra moves.

Over the last year we have become increasingly bored with the lack of development and depth within electronica. Sure there have been some exceptions but for the most part it’s the same shit over and over…so this is our response. While this release may not have a whole hell of lot to do techno or whatever the hell you want to call it this week, it does serve as a great example of the possibilities that do exist. This release is dedicated to all the people out there making dance music that insist on trying to intellectualize everything they’re doing as some form of high art.

Check out Cobra Headquarters on-line.

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