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Hrsta: Hrsta - L'Éclat du ciel à était insoutenable

Fancy and Alien8 Recordings are pleased to present the debut of Montreal’s Hrsta. Hrsta (pronounced “hursh-tah”) is Mike Moya, founding member of both godspeed you black emperor! and Molasses, as well as a member of set fire to flames and the Lonesome Hanks. This scintillating release, infused with endless waves of psilocybin pathos, does little to enlighten listeners confronted with the mystery that has enshrouded the name Moya, once thought to be a wayward rail-hopping tomcat. It does, instead, compound the intrigue with layers of hypnotic drones, haunting melodies, beautiful vocals, and streams of bewildering lyrics; leaving us to wonder how long these songs and sounds have been bubbling under the surface.

A guitar player at heart, this multi-instrumentalist has just begun to show the world what can happen when he is left to his own devices. Essentially a solo effort with Moya providing guitar, tape loops, organ, bowed desk, melodica, kazoo, and vocals; this release also features guest performances from Bruce Cawdron (godspeed you black emperor/set fire to flames) on drums, bowed cymbals, and idiophones; Norsola Johnson (godspeed you black emperor/molasses) on cello; Scott Chernoff (molasses) on acoustic guitar; and Fluffy Erskine (molasses) on saw, and bowed cymbals.

A heady mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks bleeding seamlessly into each other. Sad, exotic melodies with disquieting swells of six-string mayhem, creepy outer-worldly drones, volatile clench-teeth vocals and drums that start from nowhere than become immense before your eyes and ears; all this creating an epic swirl of dense, rotting, blissful psychedelia.

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