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Désormais: I am broken and remain broken

iambroken… wasn’t so much created as it was wrenched from the collective guts of Mitchell Akiyama and Joshua Treble. Recorded over an intense two week session in Cincinnati, the duo’s follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut, Climate Variations, is a powerful hybrid of live instrumental performance and shattered electronics. As on Climate Variations, the guitar remains central in Désormais’ new work, but iambroken… finds the group incorporating piano and viola as well as contributions on drums by Eric Craven (Hanged Up), cello by Becky Foon (A Silver Mount Zion) and vocals by Jenna Robertson. iambroken… ranges in sound and scope from Steve Reich to Godspeed you! Black Emperor with a fragmented sensibility akin to Fennesz or Oval. It is a mature and powerful work from two musicians that continue to turn ears.

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