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Sickness: I Have Become the Disease that Made Me

“This is one of the most brutal CDs I’ve heard in a long time. Sickness has been around for about 10 years and I never really took notice until I got a copy of “Reconstruct the Caos #2” from a trade I did with Kenny Sanderson of Facialmess (also on "Reconstruct the Caos #2’). I was driving along in the desert near Palm Springs when track number 8 came on and blew me away. I scrambled for the liner notes to see who it was….I was surprised to see it was by Sickness. At the time, I was looking for other Series III artists that were not from Japan for potential release on Ground Fault. I knew that I had to put out a CD by Sickness if he could come up with more tracks like this one. Chis has done that and more. The sounds on this CD tear through your speaker cones and then drill into you brain. These sounds are constantly moving, panning, jumping and changing at a rapid pace. There is very little “down time” for the duration of the hour long CD. If you thought the Government Alpha CD on Ground Fault was harsh, just wait til you hear “I Have Become the Disease that Made Me”. Fans of harsh noise will not be disapointed." Erik Hoffman

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