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K2: In The Monotonous Flowers

Track 1- Crash of Venus ………… 7’24"
Track 2 – Obese Woman ………..8’49"
Track 3 – Funeral; 46/47 XXY ……….. 2’12"
Track 4 – Rodents in the Sewer ……….. 4’16"
Track 5 – Alone in the Monotonous Flowers ………… 14’05"
Track 6 – Jute (Help Us) ……….. 2’57"
Track 7 – Hip Yahatahatzimann …………. 6’08"
Track 8 – Along the Debacle River …………. 4’39"
Track 9 – Preminition; Kleinfelter ………….2’36"
Track 10 – An Able Spy Never Eats Any Vegetables …………… 2’20"

“The master of Junk Metal noise offers a completely different experiment with this Groundfault CD release. There is no outright sonic assault, no continuous crash of metal- on-metal within K2’s In the Monotonous Flowers, (though the metal destroying K2 does make several appearances within this recording) this release showcases K2’s approach to cut-ups and sound collage. This is a quieter (at times), more constructed look at sound using a variety of sources, from lo-fi to crisp and loud from effected music and found sound, to confused conversation and clamor. K2 shapes each piece by randomly bouncing from source to source, using panning, echo, and saturation to never let the listener’s ear settle into a comfortable feeling for long if at all. The more successful recordings on this disk allow the sounds to finish or melt/transform into something new while remaining somehow connected either by tonality, effect, texture or placement. This CD contains 10 pieces of music constructed from the leavings and remnants of sound; some sounds give the impression that they were assembled specifically for this recording, while others are pulled from previous recordings from a variety of sources (field, records, etc). In the Monotonous Flowers is a detailed puzzle of sound assembled into 10 single pictures. However within the first few pieces the sounds seem to clash into each other more, and are presented in a greater disarray. Quiet spaces will be sharply broken by loud incongruous noises/sounds. They present more of a collection of fragments that jam into each other and collide for space within each recording rather than a progression of moments that have continuity. The edges of these first few offerings have been left unhewn and rough fitting in a way that keeps the listener unbalanced for the next note or creation. At times they seem to jumbled together and at others, they are much too disconnected. The progress is stunted and backtracks through each recording (creating a flow that is definitely not as linear or seamless as Contagious Orgasm’s release on Ground Fault,) but starting with Track 5 on this CD, the ideas and cut-ups seem to solidify with a commonality that I can’t exactly put my finger on. Perhaps it takes a while to adjust to the style and progression of this recording, but these later pieces seem to flow within each other to generate a bond between the sections. This allows the listener more time to absorb the various segments thrown at them rather than being bombarded by a random assortment of sonics. This is an excellent changeup for K2 and his style, as we get to see the “prog rock” fan in him take center stage." Christopher Goudreau

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