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Krallice : Krallice

In what will easily be one of the most talked about black metal releases of the year, KRALLICE purge with an epic masterpiece not heard since Weakling’s “Dead As Dreams”. Nonetheless, the Krallice debut album is a virulent vision from the twisted and unique minds of Barr and Marston (the band also features Bloody Panda drummer Lev Weinstein). Epic time-stretching hymns that take reference from the aforementioned Weakling album, Burzum’s “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” masterpiece, Gorgoroth’s “Antichrist”, and Ulver’s “Nattens Madrigal” while incorporating Barr and Marston’s musical pedigree from their respective acts, Krallice have also created a distinct-sounding opus that helps to strengthen and augment the landscape of North American black metal.

Along with the vicious and multi-layered guitar shredding, strenuous and hypnotizing tremolo picking, calculated drumming, and Barr’s harsh cavernous wails, the Krallice debut is a black metal album that treads the fine line of sonic devastation and cryptic beauty.

Tracklisting for the Krallice album goes as follows:

1. Wretched Wisdom
2. Cnestorial
3. Molec Codices
4. Timehusk
5. Energy Chasms
6. Forgiveness In Rot

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