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Akitsa: La Grande Infamie

It’s light on the noise, but heavy on the (dark) mood. okay, here we go, magie et verites brings us back to a sense of normalcy, for akitsa. we have, again, the simplistic drum machine beats, catchy guitar and some very nice screaming. we didn’t have any of that on the soleil record, but i’m liking this a lot. once more pierre’s showing us a new facet to his musical oeuvre. this just might be my favorite vocal song of his. screaming’s always been much more of my thing than metal vocals anyway. oh, speaking of which, back to that on cultes vertueur. i’d say that this track is way more metal than anything else i’ve heard of akitsa’s, and he’s still got my full attention. his singing on cultes is slowly delivered, and sinister sounding, throaty vocals coupled with fast guitar playing and rapid fire drum beats. he really holds it together with the nice guitar breakdowns. silence is really the only song on here that maintains a semblance of the punk influence that was evident on soleil. that influence is strictly in the guitar and drums though as the vocals are in the raspy vein. silence is another clear standout track. the title song la grande infamie is all screams, fuzzed out guitars and drum machine. it reminds me of a punk version of the jesus and mary chain (you know, after they kicked out bobby gillespie in favor of programmable drums). the twenty-one minute closer foret disparue might be the hardest to get into, given it’s lengthy running time. it’s a slow moving dirge consisting of a lot of anguished screaming. he might be saying something, but it all just sounds like screaming to me. the latter half of the song is more enjoyable as there’s some melody coming from the guitar that you can get caught up in for the remaining ten minutes.

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