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Radiosonde: Meter Sickness

Track 1 – zombi……….9’23"
Track 2 – pilot (belly-up mix)……….5’19"
Track 3 – dead weight……….9’29"
Track 4 – inhalants……….11’28"
Track 5 – m-theory……….6’44"
Track 6 – no solutions……….9’23"

Radiosonde is Scott Arford. If one word can summarize the body of work that Scott Arford has created, it would have to be STATIC. His work encapsulates every sense of the word: infinitely complex and simultaneously unchanging. It is an incomprehensible block of sound and image, discernible only in its finely detailed parts – proof that infinity is constructed of finite pieces. Arford’s audio and visual noise is nerve grating, yet somehow obscenely tranquil. Perhaps the word static suggests itself because one of Arford’s primary building blocks is literally just that: radio static, T.V. static, garbled transmissions, magnetic and electrical interference – technological and cultural by-products of a techno-haywire society.

Radiosonde is Arford’s main sound project. These audio compositions are densely layered collages of radio static, sounds from T.V. picture tubes and field recordings. Vibrating sound structures of hidden harmonies and overtones. Monolithic blocks of sound which act slowly on the listener’s ear to reveal the illogical intricacies of its construction. A maximum approach to minimalism.

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