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Odal: On Old Paths

Klaxon is very proud to announce the release of our first CD, ODAL ‘On Old Paths’. This release serves to collect the earliest works of the group, showcasing their demo, ‘Germansk’, their first EP, ‘Traitor’ (originally on Christhunt), their second EP ‘Fimbulwinter’ (Originally on Sombre), as well as a track from their 5 way split 10”; all of which have become scarce since their release. The tracks featured here show ODAL in their most RAW state, and in our opinion, most potent – a clear progression to their amazing debut album ‘Sturmes Brut’.

In their music, you can tell that ODAL harness an intuitive and confident understanding of black metal as a form. All of the pieces in the right place, every maneuver pulled off with style, and always escalating to the appropriate heights within a song. The tone never strays far from romance into the technical or stygian. The music is, in that sense, very beautiful. From their viewpoint in life, death looks gorgeous and full of excitement and this sensitivity is expressed effectively throughout every riff. They are consistent too, in their atmosphere, and somehow combine feelings of triumph, sadness, and anger together into one beam.

All of this sound is captured in perfect, self-made production. A charming sound full of the glow from an analog home studio: that perfect middle ground of fidelity and warm distortion. This is certainly some of the best black metal Germany has ever produced.

For those unfamiliar, ODAL have been active in the German underground since 1999 (before as ASKE since 1995), and have since released a number of EPs and albums. ODAL’s frontman, Taaken, is a restless soul in Germany, partaking in many other black metal projects alongside ODAL. Some of those include Barastir, Erhabenheit, Wolfsschrei, and surely many more. Klaxon has taken the time to stock many related releases of Taaken and ODAL and they can be found in our distribution section.

Note: before ‘On Old Paths’ was released, a south American bootleg CD (namely ”Warriors of the Night”) existed showcasing the same tracks. Our release serves not only to spread the great music of ODAL, but also to put an end to this cheap and poorly manufactured bootleg by officially reissuing the tracks in perfect quality, mastered from the original source.

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