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Gordon Monahan: Piano Mechanics / Speaker Swinging

This release is the first of three discs that C3R is slated to release by Gordon Monahan, and represents his first release in fourteen years. This CD is a re-release of two of Monahan’s best-known early works: ‘Piano Mechanics’ (which won first prize at the 1984 CBC Young Composers Competition), and ‘Speaker Swinging’ (his universally acclaimed, manually-operated sound installation). Both of these remastered pieces are awe-inspiring sound experimentations, possessing a visceral quality that is often lacking in more straight-forward tonal experiments. These are beautiful and moving pieces of new music.

This disc is a three-panel digipak. The next two scheduled C3R Monahan releases will also be packaged in digipak, with all design done by Denny Martin (and his wife).

Piano Mechanics:

1. Voices Emerging Along High Tension Wires 4:21
2. Abrupt Stops 4:15
3. Solitary Waves 1 1:08
4. Solitary Waves 2 9:22
5. Trill With Hand Controlled Pitch Release 2:26
6. Solitary Waves 3 1:15
7. Melody Concealed by a Tremolo High Trills Becoming Difference Tones 4:16
8. Fingers and Arms Becoming Four Hands 4:31

Speaker Swinging:

9. Speaker Swinging (Part 1) 8:42
10. Speaker Swinging (Part 2) 10:13
11. Speaker Swinging Remix 10:48

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