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Finally out, Jens Ryden’s first musical output since leaving legendary Swedish death/black metal band NAGLFAR, and his first solo venture since DEAD SILENT SLUMBER, PROFUNDI sees Ryden take everything into his own hands, and then some, to create some of the most unforgiving, vicious, and abysmal melodic black/death metal to be heard all year. With Ryden himself taking care of everything (all music and all artwork), Profundi sees this distinguished musician take his musical talents beyond everything he’s been previously involved with.

The North American version of “The Omega Rising” is presented in a limited edition (1000 units) specially designed digipack, with a mammoth 24-page booklet, and awesome artwork courtesy of Ryden himself (the packaging is simply incredible). The CD will also come with a collectible limited edition Profundi button for the first 50 customers who purchase this. The tracklisting for “The Omega Rising” goes as follows:

01. …Of Flesh And Blood

02. Unanimation

03. Split-Tounged

04. The Omega Rising

05. Coffinborn

06. Silent Hosts Of Decay

07. Engulfed In Hellfire

08. Lifeless, Cold, & Crimson

09. Out Of The Evening Mist

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