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Prurient: Shipwrecker's Diary

Shipwrecker’s Diary 01: shoestring 02: shin 03: calf 04: belt 05: finger 06: palm 07: elbow 08: button 09: june 19 10: shoulder 11: neck 12: jaw 13: earlobe 14: who are you anyway? 15: +i wonder if i’ll be able to sleep? + reviews “Shipwrecker’s Diary” – the most pure noise recording that Prurient has done to date. In order to meet the criteria for the series III “aggressive all the time” this release focuses more on speed, texture, current, and reoccurring themes – as generated by electronics, more so than enviormental and atmospheric passages. Source sounds were also provided by Lindsey Watkins and Macronympha for extra spice. This disc is a tip of the hat to the harsh noise community! www.hospitalproductions.com prurient selected discography
  • body language LP (peelbackthesky)
  • the history of aids CD (armageddon/hospital)
  • troubled sleep CD (truculent recordings)
  • rrrecylced CS (rrr)
  • hunt in couples split EP with asd (aen/hospital)
  • magnified healing split CD with tef/richard ramirez (tef/hospital)
  • collaboration CD with flatline construct/richard ramirez (monorail/pbts/hospital)
  • we set off in high spirits 3"CD (gods of tundra)


  • “Ground Fault’s twenty-ninth released disc, but only the fourth (after Government Alpha, SICKNESS, and RoboChanMan) in their Series III collection. In other words, less than one per year, or, “it’s about bloody time we got another piece of ear-splitting mayhem.”
Shipwrecker’s Diary, clocking in at thirty-three minutes, is the shortest of the Series III discs to date, and because of that it seems to have more focus to it. The majority of the tracks (ten of the fifteen) run less than two minutes, with only one getting into the range of what Merzbow would consider a short improv piece (the album’s centerpiece, “Palm,” runs just over eight minutes). Dominick Fernow (Em Dath Rir/Football Rabbit, plus owner of the Hospital Productions label) has obviously been taking a tip from some of Hospital’s recent releases, especially Deathpile’s final album, G. R. Shipwrecker’s Diary takes the same basic approach— when you slip the disc into your CD player and fire up winamp, the little bars on the level meter go all the way up to the top, and for the most part, they stay there. This is instantly recognizable American noise/powerelectronic crossover a la Deathpile/SICKNESS, but the only time it really sounds like one of those other chaps is on “Palm” (and let me add that that is not necessarily a bad thing); the rest of the album is delivered in short, controlled bursts. Its kind of like getting your picture taken for a mug shot. Over and over again.

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