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Books on Tape: Sings the Blues

Abusive fastball rhythms. Gratuitous electroid synth lines. Z-movie backdrops. Tape hiss. Chopped vocal samples. Soundtracks to the high-scores table. One-finger sampler tapping. Lush downtempo breaks. Power pop plunges. You name it, Sings the blues has it. Except there’s not really any blues.

This is Books on Tape’s sophomore CD, & what a treat it is! First, this is 100% Todd Drootin: no collaborators were harmed during the making of this CD. And secondly & most importantly, this CD is the first to effectively capture the feeling & essence of Books on Tape’s notorious live shows.

Whether or not you’ve had the chance to witness the boy wonder of the sampler in your hometown yet, open your ears & there is little doubt that you will enjoy this new CD. It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s intense, & it’s got flair & it’s got bite. In short, this is Books on Tape at its absolute finest. Todd Drootin is in the house, & he’s not about to leave!

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