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rsundin: Sleepwalk

Track 1-44 sleepwalk ………. 42’48"

“Sleepwalk is a frustrating journey, like walking blindfolded through a room constantly bumping into unknown objects scattered across the floor. Improvisations with guitar and toy instruments, fieldrecordings of the wildlife of an urban river in the north of Sweden, some stolen sounds from records, MDs and CDs, controlled feedback, silence and noise makes up the sources of this album, all fragmented and processed on the hard-drive of Ronnie Sundin (electronic sound artist from Sweden who started working with music/sound more than ten years ago but surfaced on disc for the first time only four years ago) to create small soundevents surrounded with liberal use of silence. Sleepwalk is a soundtrack to a dream, or rather the dreamlike state in between wake and dreaming. All good music defies categorisation but points of reference might be composers like RLW or Bernhard Guenter who takes great care of detail, structure and restraint an does not impose things on the listener, instead slowly dragging them in.
This album was recorded during 1999 and 2000 at the Academies of art in Trondheim, Norway and in Umea, Sweden.”

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