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Daniel Menche: The Face of Vehemence

Track 1 ……….22’38" Track 2 ………..14’32" Track 3 ……….14’16" Track 4 ………..16’02" vehemence (ve’he*mence) 1. Characterized by intensity or forcefulness of expression or intensity of emotion or conviction; impetuous fource; impetuosity; violence; fury; violent ardor; fervid: a vehement denial. 2. Marked by or full of vigor or energy; strong: a vehement storm.

“It’s very difficult to explain or interpret what my music conveys – so that’s why I work hard so that the music can speak for itself – no matter how vague the message or imagery – the energy of what it’s communicating is what remains most evident.” — Daniel Menche

“Daniel Menche’s music is meant to express the undisciplined purity of emotion. Characterized by forcefulness of sound, this is music that strives for one goal: vehement beauty.”

“My influence and inspiration for “The Face of Vehemence” is the book “Sun and Steel” by Yukio Mishma. The CD title “Face of Vehemence” is basically what I see in Yukio Mishimas face; especially on the book cover. Almost all of his photos he has that “face of vehemence”. When I finally read his book “Sun and Steel” it was like a “take the words out outa my mouth” experience but articulated absolutly perfectly in a manner I could never do with words. How he percieved “words” in relating to the flesh is how I percieve “sound” in relating to the flesh. Yukio Mishmas attitude towards art/flesh/death/spirit is highly inspiring towards my music." Daniel Menche

“A much welcomed new release from this American artist who has produced some of the best recordings in the experimental music scene. Although this is a Series II recording, do not assume any of the power that Daniel Menche can marshal has been lost. Quiet at times, strong and full in others, this release constructs its moods with powerful bass pulses, full spectrum harmonic drones and vibrating tones along with the scratching, raspy organic textures that Daniel Menche is famous for. Each piece starts with simple murmurs and textures that build via harmonics, tones, and layering into a progression of sound and force. This is not the kind of album that you can turn on and walk away from. It is a full frequency listening experience. The deeper you delve the more you hear. Menche carefully assembles each of these recordings so that the listener can walk away with as much or as little as they like from each session. From the minimal to the multifaceted, each piece utilizes the same elements (drones, harmonics, bass, textures, electronics) but approach and achieve their goals in completely different ways. Menche gathers these composites and sounds into various end-constructs such as great walls of sounds or drop offs into echoed or bass thrum silence without ever losing control, missing a moment or overwhelming the listener. The changes are constant (sometimes slight), only pausing on occasion to build loops or momentarily settle before continuing the music’s progress. Being much closer to October’s Larynx and other recent works, he manages to finely balance this new “droney” style with the organic noise of old. In doing so, he has kept the power, passion and precision that has always existed in his recordings, making this CD an excellent listen.” — Chris Goudreau

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