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Merzbow Pan sonic: V

Recorded live at Victoriaville in 2003, this uncompromising collaboration between two revered acts in the scene features one 68-minute piece performed by Masami Akita, Mika Vaino & Ilpo Vaisanen. “The festival’s closing act, Pan Sonic vs Merzbow, was worth the long wait. Their complete absence of stage presence notwithstanding, the trio orchestrated glorious cascades of white noise that sporadically collapsed into fat dirty beats — a gutrumbling excursion into the inner depths of sound and an indication of where the true spirit of improv lives in 2002.” christoph cox, wire. “Near-deafening clamor of merzbow and pan sonic. the site of three musicians sitting stoically behind laptop computers was on odd contrast to the crunching waves of sound that emanated from the speakers. the finnish duo of Pan Sonic provided the glitchy beats and static that merzbow (masami akita) used as the foundation for his palpable walls of sound" – michael rosenstein, cadence.

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