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Francisco López: Wasps

Maybe it’s my perception of things, but things have been a bit quiet
lately with releases from Senor Francisco López – but here’s a 3" CD.
Two things can be noted right away. It’s not called ‘Untitled’, like
97% of all of his releases and it’s an older work, this being from
1993, but remastered last year. This release being called ‘Wasps’,
one assumes the sounds of buzzing wasps. López captured few in a jar,
and holding a microphone against it. Let’s see. After the usual
silent one minute intro (that has become another López trademark),
things slowly start to vibrate, a massive wall of sound. It’s not one
or a few wasps, but millions. If this release was called ‘inside
ship’ or ‘near motor’ I would have believed so aswell (and therefore
it would have been better if it was called ‘untitled’? hmmm….). The
big question here, as usual with López, is it audible? Yes it is.
Once the volume kicks in, there is no need for further adjustment.
It’s present. It’s a beautiful work of drone music, endless humming,
with small changes to be noted. Another damm fine López work.
-Frans de Waard c/o Vital Weekly #387.

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