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Whisper Room: White Birch

Whisper Room is a trio based in Toronto, Canada and Berlin, Germany featuring Aidan Baker of Nadja on guitar/affects, Neil Wiernik of NAW on bass/laptop and Jakob Thiesen on Students on drums/electronics. These three creative minds had moved in similar musical circles in Toronto and Montreal for years sporadically sharing stages but did not actively come together to play as a trio until Dec 2006. Since then they have worked as a improvisational unit and combined their disparate musical backgrounds to create music which explores the conjunction of electronic rhythms and textures with the pulsations and psychedelics and shoegaze and krautrock music. After the initial meeting and first set of shows it was clear that the collaboration between the three had a rare dynamism that took the music to another level. Thus was born Whisper Room and we couldn’t be more proud to present the first full length release, Birch White.

Limited to 2000 CDs.

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