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The Die is Cast by Menace Ruine CD: $9.00
Download: $8.99

Menace Ruine: The Die is Cast

Alien8 Recordings

Last year we announced the birth of this fantastic new band from Montreal. Menace Ruine came out of nowhere with a debut release that fused black m...

Eye on the Steel by Daniel Menche CD: $6.00

Daniel Menche: Eye on the Steel


Substractif comes out of hibernation with "Eye on the Steel" from Portland Oregon's Daniel Menche. This marks our second release with one of the Un...

Beautiful Blood by Daniel Menche CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

Daniel Menche: Beautiful Blood

Alien8 Recordings

Daniel Menche is one of the most exciting experimental music artists currently active in North American. His live performances and numerous recordi...

The Face of Vehemence by Daniel Menche CD: $10.00

Daniel Menche: The Face of Vehemence

Ground Fault

Track 1 ..........22'38" Track 2 ...........14'32" Track 3 ..........14'16" Track 4 ...........16'02" vehemence (ve'he*mence) ...

Garden by Daniel Menche CD: $13.00

Daniel Menche: Garden

Auscultare/Ground Fault

Kiyoshi Mizutani/Daniel Menche "Garden" CD "Misconceptions between reality and fiction, "Garden" is the first collaboration between these two monst...

Cerberic Doxology by Daniel Menche and Joe Preston CD: $12.00

Daniel Menche and Joe Preston: Cerberic Doxology

Anthem Records

a single piece statement from joe preston and daniel menche, and an epic tome carved from some form of primordial stone. as an album containing a r...

Aqua Necromancer by Merzbow CD: $9.00

Merzbow: Aqua Necromancer

Alien8 Recordings

This is our third release by Masami Akita, and certainly the most dynamic. On this recording Akita has included the use of sampled drums, lifted fr...

Door Open at 8am by Merzbow CD: $9.00

Merzbow: Door Open at 8am

Alien8 Recordings

Three years ago Alien8 Recordings debuted with Merzbow's Akasha Gulva [aliencd1], a live document, perhaps the ultimate endurance test. Seventy min...

Puroland by Merzbow CD: $13.00

Merzbow: Puroland


1. Pilgrimage To Puroland 13:17 2. Pleasant Valley Monday 16:00 3. Celebration Day 11:00 4. War Frog 8:54

Quieting by Christof Migone CD: $5.00

Christof Migone: Quieting

Alien8 Recordings

"In 1996 I recorded the cannon that is fired every day at noon in Halifax, Nova Scotia, all pieces here are based on that recording or inspired by ...

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