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Waves of Hate w/ Knock Knock by CPC Gangbangs 7-inch: $6.00

CPC Gangbangs: Waves of Hate w/ Knock Knock

P-Trash / Radio 81

CPC Gangbangs offer an blistering blast of itensity with one of their most ferocious songs ever! Apparently this record is close to sold out, don't...

sitting on theories on the frontier of extension by Cal Crawford CD: $12.00

Cal Crawford: sitting on theories on the frontier of extension

Squint Fucker Press

Cal Crawford is a performative scientist, an investigator of phenomenological minutiae, a squint artist. Akin to Erik Satie's advice to the perform...

Stop Listening by Crawl Unit CD: $8.00

Crawl Unit: Stop Listening

Ground Fault

A pioneer in sound event constructions, Crawl Unit (Joe Colley) has been releasing material since 1992 on labels around the world, including Drone,...

Climate Variations by Désormais CD: $14.00
Download: $7.99

Désormais: Climate Variations


Desormais is Mitchell Akiyama and Joshua Treble. Akiyama has released works on Substractif and his own intr_version imprint, and has an upcoming re...

Warp and Woof by Detention CD: $10.00

Detention: Warp and Woof


Detention is Alexandre McSween and Sam Shalabi (Shalabi Effect, Molasses) on guitar. Together they explore free jazz/improv music. This is their...

Life by Dissecting Table CD: $14.00

Dissecting Table: Life


Ichiro Isuji aka Dissecting Table documented 1997-1998. This man is responsible for some of the finest dark industrial ever created. Four tracks...

Reinkaos by Dissection CD: $12.00

Dissection: Reinkaos

The End Records

Release: April 30, 2006 (Europe) / May 16, 2006 (North America) Label: Black Horizon Music All Songs written by: Jon Nödtveidt & Frater Nemidial Pr...

Storm of the Lights Bane by Dissection CD: $12.00

Dissection: Storm of the Lights Bane

The End Records

Review by DerRozzengarten Dissection is a cult name in the world of extreme metal. In a time when Euronymous and the Inner Circle had declared war...

The Somberlain by Dissection CD: $12.00

Dissection: The Somberlain

The End Records

Tracklist: 1. Black Horizons 2. The Somberlain 3. Crimson Towers 4. A Land Forlorn 5. Heavens Damnation 6. Frozen 7. Into Inf...

Nimbus by Dreamcatcher CD: $10.00

Dreamcatcher: Nimbus


hailing from the bowels of montreal's 'ghetto', dreamcatcher blast out with the big guns. nimbus is the debut full length; chock full of enough sin...

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